​​​Salvation Army RENT/MORTGAGE

With Salvation Army Funds we are now able to offer partial rent/mortgage assistance to Shenandoah County residents whose households have suffered a financial crisis within the last 30 days. 

Households must be able to document the financial crisis and how it directly relates to a shortage in the monthly payment. 

Households must only be behind the current month's rent/mortgage.

Assistance is limited to once every 2 years per Salvation Army requirements, and the amount of assistance provided is based on donations received.

​​​​Salvation Army Utility

Maintaining utilities such as heat, electric and water are crucial to housing stability.  In partnership with the Salvation Army, SAS administers a Utility Assistance Program for Shenandoah County residents who have received a shut-off notice. 

This assistance is limited to individual/household use once every 2 years per Salvation Army requirements, and the amount of assistance provided is based on donations received.  In order to be considered for utility assistance the household must have suffered a financial crisis in the last 90 days.

Please be prepared to provide proof of income, and documentation of a financial crisis.

​SAS developed and operates a HelpLink system for Local Area Churches to encourage partnership and distribution of community assistance to residents in need as well as to prevent the duplication of financial assistance within Shenandoah County. 


A partnership between SAS and Family Promise. These individual housing units allow one household to live sheltered while receiving supportive services and case management that will allow them to better integrate back into stability and release the stigma of being “homeless.” This housing is extremely limited.

Maximum stay of 6 months, but each household will be assessed individually for need. 

For availability or questions, please contact the Housing Stability Counselor at 540-459-3212 ext. 303

​​To apply for partial rent/mortgage or utility assistance, clients in need must contact the SAS office at (540) 459-3212, ext. 303 to complete an Assessment.  ​​